About ELi

Saving Lives With Mobile Location

Revolutionizing location data, creating safer tomorrows

We believe EVERYONE deserves access to a high standard of Emergency Response, and to be effective, this requires accurate location data for better situational awareness and response.

Our vision is to create and deploy a global, revolutionary location methodology and service, ensuring Responders around the world can save more lives using the most accurate mobile location information available.  

Our mission is to improve the Emergency Service Network’s efficacy through innovation, enabling better emergency response times and improving emergency caller outcomes.

ELi-Technology Inc, a Nova Scotian SaaS location technology company were dedicated to addressing inaccurate location information provided during emergency calls, specifically for inside multi-story buildings.

It began in 2018 with 9-1-1, 112 and Next Generation Emergency Services, where we patented a location methodology, called “EML” , a methodology which delivers a verified, authoritative Dispatchable Location (DL), with real-time accurate, and precise indoor and vertical location information, on any device, anywhere, anytime. 

DL includes the street address of the caller and additional information, such as room or floor number, necessary to adequately locate the caller.

This DL can be directly communicated to an emergency call center or another authorized party, to ensure a swift and accurate response and to save valuable time and lives.

Then when the pandemic of 2020 arrived and people were forced to work from home, or more hybrid environments, we started to look at Enterprise or Private Network spaces. It was during this time we devised “ATLS” an innovative, easily integrated location service.

ATLS is designed to upgrade into existing crisis communication or safety applications, providing a dispatchable indoor location, that can be displayed on a floor plan. It supports more productive and safe environments and ensures responders, security and administrators have actionable information when dealing with any situation, from staff check-in, and minor medical emergencies, to threat, lockdown, and evacuation scenarios.