Secure and Real Time Accurate Indoor Location Service

Hosted in the AWS Cloud, and developed for easy integration into panic alert, crisis communication, notification software, safety/ management apps and platforms.

ATLS delivers real-time accurate, and precise indoor location intelligence, which can be illustrated clearly on an indoor floorplan, which supports more productive and safe learning and working environments, and ensures Responders, Security Personnel and Administrators have actionable, definitive location awareness for any situation, from a staff check-in notification, minor medical emergency, active threat, lockdown, or evacuation scenario.

Today's Location Intelligence


Cell tower

Crowd-sourced Wi-Fi

Poor accuracy or precision

Poor indoor location

Poor privacy

ATLS provides definitive dispatchable location for both indoor and outdoor environments, with accuracy and precision to room number and floor level of an incident and can be displayed as a verified text address or clearly on a floorplan.

This exceeds compliance with the Federal Communications Commission Kari’s Law, the Ray Baum Act and Alyssa’s Law for School Safety, and supports Duty of Care, and the 5 -star Promise from the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

ATLS leverages multiple location technologies alongside it’s own unique patented methodology for cutting-edge location intelligence and situational awareness for safety stakeholders.  It requires no additional infrastructure upgrades, complicated deployment processes, staff training or maintenance fees. 

Once an emergency call or silent notification is activated the accurately mapped location of the incident is shared with those who need to see it, with no compromise on personal privacy and security.

The ATLS Advantage

Patented technology

Accurate location by easy floorplan placement

Works indoors and out

AWS cloud, secure, reliable

Privacy compliant, no data sharing

Cost effective, existing infrastructure, no maintenance

No downtime, easy deployment

Direct to

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