K-12 School Safety

Industry Leading Location Intelligence for Critical Communications & Incident Management

School emergency plans, safety applications and emergency management systems are designed to protect students, faculty, and visitors, and facilitate a more supportive and safe learning environment.

These technologies rely heavily on location data for “intelligence and insight,” for more effective planning of evacuation routes, staff and student check-in, notifications, threat management, reunification, escalation to 9-1-1 and more.

Having the most accurate and precise location intelligence, with no additional infrastructure upgrades, low implementation and operating costs, and full privacy and security, is absolutely crucial for response outcomes.

ATLS Benefits

Superior real-time location with mapping for daily operations and emergency incidents
Highly cost efficient, OpEx only, no capital expenditure
Location information sent to security, administration and 9-1-1 as required
Existing infrastructure, no maintenance, no installation, scalable, easy integration
Privacy compliant and secure

Each day 12 children die from gun violence in America. Another 32 are shot and injured.

Did You Know?

"84% of teenagers and 97% of people now own a mobile device." Current location technologies leveraged by safety apps and platforms use combinations of crowd-sourced Wi-Fi location data, GPS coordinates, cell towers, or Bluetooth.

These solutions can be unreliable, inaccurate, and imprecise for indoor locations, or require pervasive deployment, and have higher maintenance, and operating costs.

Schools contain hundreds, even thousands, of individuals spread across expansive, complex areas and multi-story buildings.

This situation allows for the easy and necessary deployment of ATLS Location Services.

The ATLS Location Service is an upgrade to any existing school safety technology. ATLS can deliver indoor dispatchable location of any incident, with room number and floor level, shown displayed on the buildings floorplan, to 9-1-1 and/or internal security and administrators.

Without ATLS provides only estimated horizontal search areas

With "ATLS Core Location Services" provides dispatchable location + floorplan

ATLS’s cutting-edge delivery of location intelligence and situational awareness means should an emergency call or silent notification be activated within a school, the accurately mapped location of the incident is shared with designated school personnel and/or external law enforcement, all in real time to the right place. 

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