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Transforming campuses with ATLS location services.

Campus environments bustle with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals within vast, spaces and multi-story buildings. However, traditional location technologies employed by safety applications and notification software can fall short in accurately pinpointing individuals, especially  indoors. Reliance on crowd-sourced Wi-Fi data, GPS coordinates, cell towers, or Bluetooth meshes can lead to unreliable and imprecise results, or require extensive deployment of additional sensors, incurring higher maintenance and operational costs.

The ATLS Location Service represents a groundbreaking advancement for school safety applications. ATLS is an easily deployed upgrade for all safety application, early intervention software and platforms, offering precise indoor dispatchable location, with pinpoint accuracy down to the specific room, lecture hall and floor level. Information displayed within a digital floorplan, provides clear visualization of an incident’s location. 

ATLS does not require infrastructure changes, or maintenance, and can operate on any device. It upgrades the location intelligence for whatever application is in use:

ATLS provides location accuracy indoors and out, whether you are in the gym or football field. ATLS doesn’t rely on one-type of location technology, but harmonizes all location technology AND its own patented location, meaning you have best-in-class location, accurate and precise, no matter where you go. 

The patented location methodology behind ATLS (EML) provides specific location intelligence, accurate and precise to the floor and room, ensuring responding personnel know exactly where helped is required, in real-time. The location data also updates quickly, meaning if someone is “on the move” ATLS can keep up, and if your caller is on the 3rd floor, that’s the information that’s provided, no estimates, just reliable dispatchable location. 

ATLS seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures, eliminating the need for costly upgrades or deployment, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process and no downtime. ATLS “delivers” location intelligence, it’s simple and doesn’t need system modifications to operate. It makes whatever location data you currently have “better, and more accurate. That’s it. 

ATLS empowers safety applications to swiftly escalate intelligence to 9-1-1 in critical situations, while also enabling seamless dissemination of vital information to internal security and administration for proactive response and management. 

In the event of an emergency call or silent notification, ATLS immediately shares the exact incident location with designated school personnel and external law enforcement via the safety application/ notification software being used. This real-time location intelligence enhances situational awareness and facilitates swift and effective response measures. 

ATLS complies with GDPR. There’s never any data sharing, or tracking of individuals ever. And ATLS doesn’t use crowd-sourced Wi-Fi like other location intelligence products thanks to its patented methodology EML, meaning privacy is fully complied with.

Campus Safety Applications help facilitate internal communications and daily operations within colleges and universities. They further assist with safety, security, and preparedness for campus safety officials, emergency managers, CIOs, and administrators.

The location intelligence provided by ATLS to these applications means they operate more efficiently and effectively, giving campus administrators and security teams improved information to handle any incident or operation.

Location intelligence plays a vital role in enhancing notification systems by supporting:

Notification systems can create virtual boundaries, known as geofences, around specific areas on campus. When an emergency occurs within or near one of these boundaries, alerts can be automatically sent to individuals within the geofenced area, ensuring that those closest to the incident receive relevant information quickly. 

By integrating location data with individual profiles, notification systems can tailor alerts based on a person's current location. For example, if a student is in the library and there's a fire alarm triggered in that building, they would receive instructions pertinent to their immediate surroundings, such as the nearest exit routes or safe assembly points. B

During critical incidents, such as an active shooter situation or a natural disaster, location intelligence can aid emergency responders in pinpointing where assistance is needed most urgently. By analyzing real-time location data from affected individuals, responders can allocate resources efficiently and prioritize areas requiring immediate attention. 

Location intelligence can also be leveraged to provide navigational guidance during emergencies, or wayfinding for guests and new students. For instance, evacuation routes can be dynamically updated based on current conditions, helping individuals safely navigate away from danger zones.

With the ATLS Location Service, colleges and universities can elevate their safety protocols via their own safety application software, rather than suffering the limitations of conventional location technologies.

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