Change only takes place through action

April 21, 2021

Recently, EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, discussed the ongoing challenges around Advanced Mobile Location deployment, and cases where even when AML is deployed, countries are still not compliant with the European Electronic Communications Code:

EENA, Jan 2021

19 European Member States reported to have AML enabled. This means that 8 countries are not complying with article 109(6) of the EECC and are exposing themselves to sanctions.

In addition, among the 19 countries that reported using AML, there is evidence that the technology is sometimes not working in parts or the entirety of the country, which is also in conflict with the requirements of the EECC.

Source :

Our paramedics, firefighters and police are still not getting a “door to knock on” or a “dispatchable location”.

A Dispatchable Location is detailed, efficient, accurate address information. It is NOT a ground-level estimate or an approximation to within 50 metres, it is a complete civic street address which includes an indoor and vertical element such as a floor/room/apartment number.

In the US, Regulators state that location accuracy for emergency calls is a significant Public Safety concern, and if it were fixed, over *10,000 lives could be saved alongside $97 billion.

In the EU a similar number of lives** could also be saved with better handset-derived location.

When our global communication systems became more sophisticated, we knew we had to keep pace. Now 80% of emergency calls are on a mobile device, yet the location technology we use to trace those calls is not sufficient and needs change!

Some modifications are being made, and have improved some parts of the system, but it is still not fixed.

Better location information in the hands of Emergency Responders will ensure more people each year are helped and saved.

As the Dalia Lama said, “Change only takes place through action.”

It’s time to take action, and change how we implement mobile location technology.