Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

June 30, 2021

For the last 14 weeks we have written and shared blogs, LinkedIn posts and emails covering the poignant topic of “emergency mobile location accuracy” within the Emergency Number Network. Whether you work in the industry or not, we all have a connection to this service, and we all need it.

The industry has faced tough challenges over the decades, as technology moves at lightning speed, and our world becomes more mobile, interconnected, and untethered. Over the last decade or so data privacy and security have also become more powerful influencers, something we never had to consider before, but now are absolutely central to core services and future infrastructures.

Accuracy of a mobile device’s location when calling for help is still an important topic, with countries looking at different options to assist with homing in on the emergency caller’s address, to provide help quickly and efficiently…all whilst trying to balance the privacy, integrity, sovereignty concerns, costs, and upgrades.

Sadly, dispatchable address is still not available in ANY country, even though it’s what the global industry demands. It’s also not due to its lack of existence…the technology is here, it’s Emergency Mobile Location (EML).

What can you expect from ELi Technology for the remainder of 2021?

ELi wants to assist organizations within the Emergency Number Network in saving more lives with our EML methodology. We wish to share our message and discover entities and decision makers who can work with us to bring about this improvement.

Our industry has 2 great conferences coming up this year, National Emergency Number Association (NENA) to be held in Columbus, Ohio, July 24th- 29th, 2021 and also European Emergency Number Association (EENA) in Riga, Latvia, October 6th- 8th, 2021.

ELi will be at both of these events, for meeting requests and also to showcase EML with real-time demonstrations. We hope you can join us there, and if you would like to learn more about ELi, EML and how we can work together, please reply to this email, contact us through our website ( or message through LinkedIn (

There are some fundamentals to life every human has the right to…and a good standard of public safety is one of them.

Any National Public Safety Service begins with the emergency call taker and first responder. These are the frontline personnel going above and beyond, risking their own lives, facing incredible emotional and physical stresses to help save the lives of others. Yet, when time is wasted trying to find the location of an emergency, dispatch and response times increase and lives are lost.

EML can change that, creating a better future for the Emergency Service Number Industry and more importantly, saving lives, providing emergency telecommunicators and first responders with the location information they need.

EML is the final piece in the puzzle.