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June 09, 2021

Over the last few months we have discussed the subject of working towards “more accurate” emergency mobile location for the emergency number network.

It’s a global problem, a “pandemic” that still plagues our Emergency Number Industry and causes huge loss of life every year because callers on mobile devices are not located fast enough.

We defined that accurate location element as “Dispatchable Address”. It’s data that includes a specific indoor location, with floor and room number, it’s a “door to knock on” for our Responders.

We have also highlighted other important concerns around data privacy, security, Next Generation, Industry demand and concern, and current x, y, z location methods which are working hard to help, but not resolving the issue.

The goal for our Emergency Number Network is a “dispatchable address” would translate location data into a specific street address, floor, and room number of an emergency caller. All this whilst being interoperable, cost efficient and compliant with a country’s privacy/security regulations, laws, and existing infrastructures.

And today there is a methodology which offers the final piece to the location accuracy puzzle; dispatchable address.

It has been thoroughly real-world tested to ensure operation across different networks, existing telecommunication infrastructures and handset manufacturers, with outstanding accuracy results…

We are ELi Technology, and our location methodology is called “Emergency Mobile Location (EML).

EML encompasses the life-saving location information the Emergency Number Network needs, without compromising any of the crucial data privacy, security, or sovereignty concerns.

Our “Design Thinking and Technical Workshop” involving a Global brand technology corporation, and one of Europe’s leading 112 Operators meant we gained first-hand understanding of an Emergency Operator’s objectives and desired future state, whilst quantifying the “value” accurate dispatchable location/address brings to emergency call handling and operations:

  • call handling time reductions of 30-90 seconds per call
  • efficient utilization of resources
  • stress reduction for callers and call takers
  • leading to saving more lives

Milton Berle, an 80+ year performer, once said “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” …in this case, it’s a door to knock on.

ELi Technology, through EML, wants to help the Emergency Number Network save more lives with better mobile localization.

Our email next week will discuss more around how EML works. In the meantime, if you would like to discover how EML could impact and serve your service, business, industry or association, please reply to this email, or contact us through our website: